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We design high quality websites for genuine UK Mistresses


Many of the websites of Mistresses and Transvestite Mistresses featured on the UK Mistress and UK Transvestite Mistress pages are designed and marketed by The UK Mistress Directory.

The UK Mistress Directory specialises in providing highly successful web sites for UK Mistresses. Our web sites can easily be found on some of the major search engines, and have links from other BDSM, Fetish and Mistress web sites.


How can we guarantee that you will get clients from the website we design for you? We only design websites for genuine, elite UK Mistresses. When someone looks at a website we have designed for a Mistress, they know the Mistress is a genuine, well equipped and skilful UK Mistress.


You are in excellent company! We work with the UK's most Elite Mistresses


I have designed websites for and am proud to work with some of the most well known and highly respected Mistresses in the UK.

If you are a genuine UK Mistress and you are thinking of allowing me the honour of designing a website for you, please feel free to ask any of the Mistresses below for references about my web design service

All the Testimonials below are genuine and have been given to me by the Mistresses themselves:


London Mistress Sapphire

Testimonial by UK Mistress Sapphire

slave peter designed my very first website more years ago than I care to remember. He has looked after it for me ever since, through any number of revamps, changing my text and pictures, suggesting improvements and performing all necessary administrative tasks quickly and efficiently. I am more than happy with his services and dread to think what I would do without him. Any genuine Mistress who is seeking a webslave is welcome to contact me for references. Long may he continue to labour at the keyboard on behalf of us Dommes.


London Mistress Scarlett Thorne

Testimonial by UK Mistress Scarlett Thorne

My name is Scarlett Thorne and I have been a pro-Domme in and around London, Europe and internationally for the last ten years. I started working as a Dominatrix at a young age but only took an internet presence over the last seven years or so. I specialise in crossdressers, tranny makeovers, extreme bondage and discipline, roleplay and many medical styled, but dungeon based sessions. I have a wide variety of fetish interests showing these to My best advantage on the internet has always been a challenge for Me. I have had numerous websites over the years ranging in style and cost but was lucky enough to find Peter in 2008, whose services have been truly exceptional.

Peter has been My web designer for the last four years and I cannot fault his service to Me. Aside from having the patience of a Saint, Peter is creative and easy to work with. He is polite and amicable, always friendly and always very prompt to respond to the queries and questions that I have had about My sites. Peter has worked with Me on three websites now, all of which have grown and changed over time, always to suit My exact (and often demanding) specifications and thankfully, he has always kept My best interests at heart.

We Dominatrixes are demanding by nature and Our worlds of fantasy can often get 'slightly' detached from reality, but Peter has always made an effort to ensure that the websites I have will be the most marketable and easy to access for potential clients. He is one of the few men that I will accept the words 'No, Scarlett - I think My way is better' from!

Where other designers use simple templates or out of date technologies, I know that Peter makes a particular effort to keep on top of new trends online and he is constantly improving and updating his already vast skill base. I have previously requested a site with 'flash' in it (which is now not greatly compatible with search engines) and Peter wisely steered Me in much more sensible directions, towards having the site which I have today.

The links that Peter provides on Your website are really fantastic as you get a great deal of traffic from other sites and I have found that Peter having his chat line links on the site has vastly reduced the number of 'timewaster' calls that I receive as many of the people who may be troubling Me for a chat, call the chatlines instead! The links to the chatlines are discreetly included on your site and (in My case anyway) pay for the hosting of the site as well as for much of the design and maintenance. I often direct people to the chatlines if they are not sure about what style of Domination they require, as it allows people to develop their tastes before booking sessions.

Peter is an excellent web designer and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is a very busy man but makes everything he does with your site unique and personal and he is a pleasure to work with. There is no one else in the UK (or I think world wide) who provides such an excellent service to Mistresses. If I could keep him chained to a desk in My dungeon for evermore, I would, but he is like the website hero of the Mistress world and provides his fantastic services to Mistresses UK wide, so I could never chain him to Me alone.

If anyone requires a written reference or has other questions about Peter's services, I would of course, be most happy to assist with answering any questions I can.

Thank you Peter

Mistress Scarlett Thorne


Newcastle Mistress Adore

Testimonial by Mistress Adore:

I have known Peter for over 5 years now.

He built my first website for me and to this day I am still very very happy with his websites, the service he provides has on occasion gone much further than expected from a website designer all in my own interests and to help me in any way possible.

Over the years I have had far too many clients come to see me who have found me via the website made by him, many have commented on how professional and easy to navigate my site is, all down to Peter's attention to detail.

I can say over the years I have had dealings with many website providers and promoters, not one of them have been able to match Peter for his ethics, professionalism and care he puts into every site he builds.

Nothing is too much trouble and for this reason, combined with the fact I mean what I say, I am more than happy for any new Mistress to contact me in private to discuss further if she is wondering who to get to help build her business and website.

Peter as always, thank you xxx


Lancashire Mistress Vixen

Testimonial by UK Mistress Vixen:

I approached UK Mistress Directory in January 2011 having been referred to it by another Mistress. I only provided P with the necessary photos and text, and he did the rest. Pleasantly surprised by the design, colour and layout as there was absolutely no input from myself and I did not deem it necessary to change anything! Since then, any changes, alterations and additions have been done speedily with no postponements. I have P to thank for the amount of slaves and subs and novices to BDSM that have contacted me - it is absolutely through the website as people who contact me, always state that they have seen my website and how impressive it is. The fact that I can update my own blog is also great to keep the website up-to-date. My referrals from adult work are also linked to the website and this is an asset that I feel generates more clientele as people can see the positive ratings and know that I am a genuine Mistress.


Preston & Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi

Testimonial by Madame Margi

Madame Margi Strict disciplinarian known as the Queen of Domination

I highly recommend anyone starting in the BDSM scene to contact Peter. I have 3 fantastic informative highly professional websites which can be updated whenever I wish and will attract many new clients to my unique style of domination. The photos are sharp and of high colour quality and the text is clear to read with the options of adding or taking away information whenever you wish. I have found Peter to be a very valuable web service indeed and have met hundreds via the immediate attraction and information from these websites. Should anyone want to contact me personally for further recommendations I would be delighted to reply.


and many more!


How much does it cost?

If you are a UK Mistress or TV Mistress, the cost is £150 a year


What is included?

  • A domain name
  • A 5 or 6 page website (you can have more pages if you wish), including details of your services, contact details, gallery, etc. You are not limited to just 2 or 3 pages
  • Up to 500 photos in your gallery
  • Your website is submitted to the relevant search engines so that submissives can find your website easily.
  • Your website is added to various BDSM and Mistress related websites to increase the number of visitors to your website
  • Your website is hosted on a fast, commercial web server, which means no unwanted ads, pop-ups, etc.
  • A hit counter is added to your website so you can see how effective your website is
  • A Blog Page that you can update yourself
  • A Guestbook that your submissives and admirers can fill in (all entries are vetted by you)
  • As many updates as you want (extra photos, banners, etc.)
  • A high quality personalised website, not a template based site that looks like everyone else's site

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